Tony Latone

About This Inductee

Tony left school early at age 11 to work in the miens to help support his family after his father passed away. He played semi-professional football with the Lithuanian Knights of Edwardsville, part of the Coal Region League in 1920-21, the Wilkes-Barre panthers 1923-24, moving to the Pottsville Maroons in 1924. The Maroons were the Coal Region Anthracite League Champions that year. In 1925 the Pottsville Maroons, in their first year in the NFL, were declared champions but were later kicked out of the league. Tony was second in NFL in points scored. He played with the Maroons until 1927, the Boston Bulldogs in 1929 and the Providence Steam Rollers in 1930. During the 1920’s, Tony was the number one rusher with 2,365 yards (2,648 career total) and number on in interceptions 1925-29 with 20. He scored 26 NFL career touchdowns and 162 points in 65 games he was named All-Pro in 1929 and 1928, and named fullback on the 1925 Dream Team. In 1925 he played the Four Horsemen and the other Notre Dame Stars, running for 139 yards and 1 touchdown, winning 9-6. In 1926 Tony barnstormed in Florida against Red Grange and the Chicago Bears Tour. Red Grange claimed Tony Latone was the best player he ever opposed. He was nominated to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963 and 1964. Tony also played baseball in the Appalachian League for Cleveland as pitcher and outfielder. In the 1960’s, Tony was voted 9th All Time Sports Athlete from Wyoming Valley. Tony was a veteran of WW1 with the US Navy. He passed away in November 1975. He was married to the former Celia Lukasavcage. They have two children Anthony, Jr. and Stanley.