John J. Charles

About This Inductee

John graduated from GAR High School in Wilkes-Barre where he played basketball. However, John’s most outstanding contribution to Recreation Director sports has been as Luzerne County from 1973 to the present. His biggest accomplishment was the establishment of various sports programs throughout the County of Luzerne. John is responsible for the building of the Luzerne County Sports Complex in Forty Fort. The complex is home to county softball, youth soccer, football and cross country running. He has been an outstanding advocate for the physically and mentally disabled in our community. In 1975, John was approached by Joe Deizia of Luzerne County MH/MR, to see if he would be interested in starting a social recreation program for Mentally Challenged Adults. In 1976 the program was expanded to include children served by MH/MR and in 1979 was expanded to the Greater Hazleton area. As a direct result of John’s efforts, these handicapped individuals now enjoy the same opportunities for involvement in community recreational programs as everyone. John has also been involved in Special Olympics for many years. John and his wife Sarah Ann reside in Larksville and have three children: John, Jr., Jeffrey and Dr. Dana Charles Clark.