Jack McGlynn

About This Inductee

Jack has been involved in boxing as an amateur and professional. He trained and coached many boxers in the Wilkes-Barre area. He was a referee for many years. Jack worked one of Larry Holmes’ first fights at the Scranton C.Y.C. He refereed many matches at the State Correctional Institution, Dallas. Jack had his first amateur fight at the age of thirteen. He went on to win 79 out of 80 matches. He once fought three times in one day at the Philadelphia Silver Gloves Tournament. This was an era when boxers had to fight two and three times a day in most tournaments. Jack boxed most of his matches in the 113 to 126 pound class as an amateur. He turned professional at the age of sixteen and had a great career of 37-1, losing only to Ray Drake, a good boxer out of New York. Jack fought on the undercard of the Floyd Patterson-Hurricane Jackson match at Eastern Parkway Arena, New York. Jack boxed in most of the big cities in the United States and traveled to Caracus, Venezuela for one of the fights. He was managed by Al Flora early in his career, and later on was managed by Lou Duva, one of the great managers in boxing today. Jack attended GAR High School, where he played football and basketball. Jack is sixty-three years old and has been married for twenty-eight years to his great wife Celine.