Al Flora

About This Inductee

Wilkes-Barre, PA

Al was a boxer turned boxing promoter. He started an amateur boxing career in 1936. He participated in 100 bouts. His record was 90 wins and 10 losses. By 1937, Al was boxing as a professional welterweight. He fought a total of 35 bouts, won 26, lost 6 and had 3 draws. Al went on to manage 15 fighters including the likes of Rocky Castellani, Tony Baldoni, and Bobby Lloyd. He became the fight promoter at New Coliseum Civic Center, Baltimore,MD. Al lived much of his adult life in Baltimore and considered himself a native son. For all of his contributions to the sport of boxing, Al was inducted into Maryland Boxing Hall of Fame in 1980. Three years later, in July, 1983, Governor Harry Hughes appointed Al as Commissioner to the Maryland State Athletic Commission. He remained in that position until 1995. Al passed away in Wilkes Barre in 2003 at the age of 86.