Ron DeLucca

About This Inductee

Start talking about outstanding high school quarterbacks produced in Northeastern Pennsylvania and, soon or later, someone is going to mention Ron DeLucca. A 1965 graduate of West Pittston High school, DeLucca passed the Rams to an 8 and 1 record in his senior season. Fans still talk about his rifle arm and pin-point accuracy at a time when few area high school squads ever put the ball in the air. DeLucca co-captained the Rams in his senior year and was named the first team quarterback on the Scranton Times All-Regional Team. He was named Globe “Athlete of the Week” and, at season’s end, received an All-American Honorable Mention from Coaches and Athlete magazine. DeLucca also participated in track and field at West Pittston and was a member of the Junction A.C. baseball team. DeLucca went on to Ohio University on a full scholarship and was an instant success. He became the starting quarterback and captain of the freshman team, and a year later, beat out a high school All-American for the starting job with the varsity. The high point of his college career came in his first game when, as a sophomore quarterback, he matched passes with All-American and future All Pro Bob Griese of Purdue. An injury sidelined DeLucca for his entire junior year and also spelled the end of his quarterbacking career. His fill-in had an outstanding year and won the starting job for the next season. The Ohio U. coaches asked DeLucca if he would consider trying out for defensive end. This is when DeLucca showed his real character. He not only went along with his coaches’ wishes but also beat out two All State defensive ends to win the starting position and help lead the Bobcats to a perfect 10-0 record. The performance is even more remarkable when you consider that prior to the start of the season, DeLucca lost the person he considered his greatest coach, his mother. DeLucca coached quarterbacks and defensive ends under Tom Vaxmonsky at Wyoming Area for one year and helped lead the Warriors to the Wyoming Valley Conference championship. “Sports has always given me the drive to accomplish things and overcome obstacles,” DeLucca says. “Even facing the worst conditions, I believe if you try hard enough, God will show you the way.” DeLucca and his wife, Sylvia, reside in Old Forge. They are parents of three children, Ron, Jr., a student at LaSalle University; Carmellyn, a student at Penn State/Worthington Campus; and Christine, a student at Old Forge High School. DeLucca is the son of Alfred DeLucca and the late Carmella DeLucca.