Joseph Tereshinski

About This Inductee

Joseph Tereshinski began his impressive football career at Newport Township High School from 1937-41, and was selected captain of the All Anthracite High School Football Squad. After high school, Tereshinski continued his football career at the University of Georgia from 1941-43 and 1945-46. His college teams lost only four games. He was part of four Bowl victories: against T.C.U. in 1942, UCLA in 1943, Tulsa in 1946, and North Carolina in 1947. In addition, Tereshinski was selected to the Second Team All-South-Eastern Conference in 1946 and the All Time Sugar Bowl Team of 1950-1960. Tereshinski was also a member of the college All Star squad which defeated the Chicago Bears in 1947. After college, Tereshinksi played with the Washington Redskins from 1947-54. Although he left the team as a player in 1954, he remained a part of the Redskins by becoming its Assistant Coach until 1960. Then, in 1960, he became the Assistant Coach at the University of South Carolina. Furthermore, Tereshinski was president of the Washington Redskins Alumni Association on three different occasions. He was also the past president of the Touchdown Club of Washington in 1976. He is married to the former Trudy Minelski, and has three children, sons Joseph, Jr. and Walter and daughter Ada.