Joseph “Klu” Kluchinski

About This Inductee

Joseph graduated from Plymouth High School in 1949. He then began his 47 year career as a baseball and softball official in 1954. He was an umpire for Little League, Teener League, P.I.A.A. baseball and softball, collegiate baseball and softball, American Legion baseball, and ASA softball. In addition, Joe served as president of the Wyoming Valley Chapter of both ASA and P.I.A.A. (softball and baseball umpires). In 1959, Joe began his career as a P.I.A.A. and collegiate basketball official. For 26 years, he enjoyed officiating throughout the local area and had the opportunity to work playoff games throughout the state of ‘ Pennsylvania. Joe served on the executive board of the Wyoming Valley Chapter of basketball officials. Along with his various officiating accomplishments, Joe served in the U.S. Coast Guard during the Korean War from 1951 to 1954. He worked at the State Correctional Institution in Dallas for 33 years as a correctional officer. Joe resides in Plymouth with his wife Irene and son Michael.