Izzy Weinstock

About This Inductee

Izzy Weinstock was a dominant figure in The Sportsworld of Pennsylvania during the decade of the 1930’s. His career started at Wilkes-Barre Coughlin High School where he played fullback on its football team during the years 1931-34 where he gained all scholastic honors. During the years 1935-39 he gained national honors as a powerful fullback for the University of Pittsburgh under the noted coach Jock Sutherland. He made the varsity team in 1936: his sophomore year. Izzy played in the 1937 Rose Bowl game against Southern California. He also was named to the All East Team in 1937 and played in the East-West all star team with president-to-be Gerald Ford. He was picked as a fullback on the 1939 coaches All American Team. “Izzy” Weinstock of Pitt had all the qualifications of a good fullback. This two hundred pounder had a penchant for ripping gaping holes in the defensive line. He was also a fine kicker and blocker. His contributions to Pitt’s offensive and defensive success marked him as one of the nation’s finest fullbacks. In 1971 Sports Illustrated Magazine published a list of 25 college football games played over the previous 25 years which were the most published in the sport. The 1936 Pittsburg-Minnesota game was on that list and Izzy was picked as the most valuable player in that game. Izzy was also named the most valuable player in the Tri-State Area (Pa.. Ohio. West Virginia). In 1939 Izzy signed a 4 year no-cut contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. He refused to return to the Eagles in 1940 and the Pittsburg Steelers bought his contract, where he played in 1941-1942. In 1942 Izzy entered into the Armed Forces as a Lieutenant in the Air Service Command. He was discharged as a captain and moved to NYC where he entered the electric industrial field and later was a manufacturer for I.T.T. After retiring Izzy, moved to Florida where he presently is residing with his wife Edna whom he married in 1946. He has a son and daughter and two grandchildren. Izzy is still active in community affairs as a member of the Elks Masons and the Anthrocile Club of Florida.