Gary Andrew Michak

About This Inductee

Gary started his Karate career in 1968 at the age of 8, after seeing a demonstration. He won his first trophies in Kata and Fighting in 1972. In 1973, at age 13, he started training with Master Joe Brague in Williamsport and Grand Master Jerry Durant in Erie, PA in Goshin Jutsu Karate. Also trained with James Juntia in Wilkes-Barre. In 1975, at the age of 15, he earned his 1st degree Black Belt in Goshin Jutsu Karate, the youngest person in Goshin Jutsu karate system to earn a black belt. In 1976 he opened his first karate school with his brother George in Plymouth, PA. He started competing regionally and nationally in 1979. In 1981-1982, he had the following national tournament victories: Mid-American Diamond Nationals, Minneapolis, MN (1st kata, 1st super light fighting, 3rd weapons, 3 hard style kata); Steel City Open, Pittsburgh PA (2nd fighting); AKA Grand Nationals, Chicago, IL (1st kata, 1st weapons, 4th fighting); All Ontario Karate Games, Toronto, Ontario Canada (1st kata, 1st fighting, 3rd weapons, grand champion Kata, Grand Champion fighting); Battle of Atlanta, Atlanta Georgia (2nd fighting, 1st kata and 3rd in weapons); U.S. Open, St. Petersburg, FL (1st kata, 1st team kata, 3rd weapons, 3rd fighting, 3rd overall champion); and Canadian Karate International Grand Diamonds, Ontario, Canada (1st fighting, 2nd in grand champion finals). In 1982, Gary appeared on the cover of the May issue of Karate Illustrated magazine. Also in 1982 he was nationally rated in the Karate Illustrated yearbook (nationally ranked #8 overall fighting, #7 Kata and #8 in weapons and 1st ever National Triple Crown Winner, achieving a national ranking in three divisions, Kata, fighting and weapons). In 1983 he appeared on the cover of Fighting Stars magazine and in Karate Illustrated yearbook nationally rated top ten in kata, top ten in weapons and top 20 in fighting. Between 1972 and 1984, Gary competed regionally, nationally and internationally winning over 1,500 trophies in the following categories, Kata, Musical Kata, Hard Style Kata, Weapons, Super Light Weight Fighting. 1975 until 2007, he owned and operated karate schools in Plymouth, Nanticoke, Wilkes-Barre, Kingston and Shavertown. Gary graduated from Wyoming Valley West High School, Kings College with a BA Degree, Pennsylvania State University with an MBA, and the University of Miami School of Law with a JD Law Degree. After a varied work history, in 2004 Gary opened his own law practice in Shavertown, PA. Gary is the son of George and Lillian Michak. He is married to Courtney Burgess-Michak. They have two children, Ariana and Thomas.