Frankie Cawley

About This Inductee


Frankie Cawley, known as the “Fighting Miner from Pittston”, was a big favorite in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Cawley had a brilliant career in the early 1930s, with only nine losses in over 100 fights. He was the amateur lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight champion of Northeastern Pennsylvania. He defeat-ed many well-known fighters, including European champion Tom Heening, Jack (Mankiller) Gagnon of Boston, Arturo Godoy of Argen-tina, Italian champion Enzio Fiermento and Pete Latzo, former world welterweight champion. Cawley was also a sparring partner for lightweight champion Tom-my Loughran in 1928-1929. When the Depression forced many boxing clubs around the coun-try to close, Cawley retired at the age of 26. He died on May 10, 1985.