Tracey Tribendis

About This Inductee

Tracey started competing at age 8 in swimming, long distance running and bowling.  She graduated from E.L. Meyers High School. In approximately 1994 Tracey was selected to be part of Team USA in World Games Special Olympics in New Haven, Connecticut.  At New Haven, her main accomplishment was being the 1st USA Athlete to win a Gold Medal in the 400 Freestyle. She won a couple more medals, but this recognition gave her the opportunity to be interviewed by John Naber from ESPN and then have the interview televised all over the world on the 4th of July.  In her career, she continues to now do long distance running and has many times medaled at many events, especially at Fall Fest held yearly at Villanova University (Fall State Games for SOPA). In her career, the worst she has ever done was a Bronze Modal. Presently, this time of the year she participates in basketball training.  She does not compete because of her job at Cracker Barrel in Wilkes-Barre, which requires her to work on Saturday and Sunday. She attends an Art Studio on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (Vera Vertu, Dallas) and has sold a number of her paintings for a substantial amount. In 2007 Tracey was inducted into the Pennsylvania Special Olympics Hall of Fame.  She resides with her family in Wilkes-Barre.