Michael Leskowsky

About This Inductee
A 1981 Lake Lehman High School graduate, Mike has numerous wrestling accomplishments. Beginning with championship in the 7th grade and District champs in 9th grade at 185 Lbs. PA AAU District champ, AAU Regional champ and State AAU wrestling champion at heavy weight. Overall b grade wrestling record of 24 and 0 losses. In 10th grade he won the Tunkhannock and Montgomery Tournament Championships. Overall record wan 25-6-1. He who was a Wyoming Valley all scholastic in baseball. 11th grade: he was District Champion, Tunkhannock, Troy and Montgomery Tournament Champion Overall record of 30 wins and 4 losses. He was on all scholastic linebacker in the Wyoming Valley Football Conference. 12th grade wrestling was also outstanding District 2 champion, NE Regional Champion and State high school champion. Tournament champion at Tunkhannock, Troy, and Selinsgrove. Overall record of 30 wins and 2 losses. He was selected on the All Scholastic football selections He was a member of the Big 33 football team and a Carnation All-American Football selection as a linebacker.
Mike accepted a full scholarship in football at Penn State and was a member of the 1983 National Championship team.
In 1993 Mike couched a state championship power lift team at the PA Department of Corrections. He coached the 1997 District Football Champions at Lake Lehman.
Mike is presently employed at Lake Lehman Middle School. He and his wife Allyson have three children: Sarah, Emily and Rachel.