John Mellus

About This Inductee

Hanover Township, PA

Mellus began his football career as a tackle for Hanover High School. He went on to play for Villanova University from 1934 to 1937. In 1938, John signed with the New York Giants with the NFL and played on their championship team that year. He played on the Giants’ runner-up teams in ’39 and ’41 and on the NFL All-Star team in 1942. Upon being drafted by the military, Mellus continued his football career. He was selected to the Eastern Army All-Star team that played a team made up of player from the Giants, Bears and Brooklyn Dodgers in 1942. He was chosen to the All-Service team in 1943. After being discharged from the service in 1946, Mellus signed with the San Francisco 49ers. A year later, he was traded to the Baltimore Colts, where he played until his retirement in 1949.