Jeff Snyder

About This Inductee

Jeff has been involved in martial arts 15 years (1981-1993 and 2009 to present), earning three black belts.  He earned over 150 awards from 1981-1993 and over 60 awards 2010-2012. In 1986 he was the point champion in fighting at Grandmasters Coals School. In 1990 he placed second in the Mid-Atlantic Naltionals. In 1991 he was inducted into the Grandmasters Coal Hall of Fame. Jeff was forced to retire in 1993 due to injury. In 2009 Jeff started training at the Hapkido Taekwondo Institute and from 2010 to the present is a ten-time State champion (8 times in PA, one time in NY and one time in NJ), four time National champion and two time International champion. He is ranked #1 in the Nation in fighting in Taekwondo in his age group (40-51 years old). Jeff qualified for the 2012 World Championships in three events (fighting, breaking and Kata) and won every major tournament he entered (States, Nationals, Internationals and Keystone State Games). He was the 2011 Larry Smith Award Winner “Outstanding Student of the Year.” Jeff is an assistant instructor at Hapkido Taekwondo Institute and teaches the tournament and demo class. Jeff is a member of numerous karate clubs – North American Hapkido Taekwondo Federation, USAT Taekwondo Federation and the Black Belt Club. Jeff graduated from the Muhlenberg Christian Academy in 1985. He is presently employed at Nurse Finders and Golden Living Center. Jeff and his wife Bettie reside in Wilkes-Barre with their children Brock (3) and Brooke (1).