Chuck Bloss

About This Inductee

Chuckie Bloss was the salvation of local boxing in Wilkes-Bane almost forty-seven years ago. Bloss pulled the crowds into Roy Hatchers South Main Street Armory Boys Club, winning 90 of 97 fights, with 64 knockouts as an amateur, including victories over Jesse Getthers of Philadelphia, who was a six-time AAU champion at 147 lbs. This feat earned Chuckie the title as “unofficial 147 lb. AAU Champion.” Bloss then turned pro and remained a crowd pleaser. In 1953, he was signed by Uncle Sam for an extended “bout” in Korea. While there with the 21st Infantry, Chuckie trained the boxing team at Camp Gemlet. He produced three Army champions and three runner-ups in the Pusan boxing finals held in March. After returning from Korea, Chuck went back into the ring and had six fights before coming down with a blood condition that tired him very easily, and it was decided at that time to call it a day, and Chuck retired from boxing. Chuck ended with a pro record of 23 wins and 6 losses. Chuck started boxing at the age of fourteen, where he trained at Joe Rodano’s gym, Wilkes-Barre. In the years while training at Rodano’s, he formed a lifelong attachment to Rodano—well, at least to Joe’s daughter, Jennie, to whom he married.